Eclipse survey: Ubuntu 2nd preferred OS

The Eclipse Foundation just released its 2009 Community Survey , and this brings some very good news for Linux and Ubuntu.

Great news for Linux, as it has clearly gained ground very fast both as a development and as a deployment platform since 2007.  Ars Technica covers the details, but here is the graph they have produced of this growth:

Looking into the details of the survey, Ubuntu is clearly the second OS for Development (14,4%)  behind Windows (63,9%) and more than twice the share of MacOSX (6,9%) :


 What is your primary operating system for software development?

With 11,4% of the OS used for Deployment, Ubuntu Server Edition is again second behind Windows (38,3%) and ahead of RHEL (9,6%):

What is your primary operating system for software deployment?

This survey clearly confirms the results that a similar ongoing survey ran by Alfresco was already telling us: Ubuntu is clearly taking the lead of the Linux distributions, and this is not only for the desktop, as many tend to think, but is also hapenning quickly on the server. Linux on par with Windows as a deployment platform, and Ubuntu leading the pack, who could have told so a couple years ago?

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