Sport wise my hobbies are kite buggy/ski/surf and sailing.  I have always liked gliding with the wind on the sea or the ground.

I also happen to commit a few pictures. Here are a few that I like:

[674x512] [736x553] [667x468] [640x480]




and you'll find a few more on Flickr.

I also try to think on some more important subject, once in a while, as you'll see on this blog, if you can read french... As you will see, I do like politics, and am a member of the PS.

I modestly contribute to a few open source projects (you'll find more details on the Ubuntu Wiki) . I am also a member of AFUL and APRIL which I invite you to join if, like me, you live in France and are against software patents and pro free/libre software.

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