Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud autoregistration features coming in Lucid

My colleague Thierry Carrez just posted a blog this weekend discussing the new autoregistration features of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud that are coming up in Ubuntu 10.04LTS Server Edition.

PHP libraries for EC2?

Following up on the action I accepted during last week's server meeting, I searched the web a bit for PHP libraries for EC2 (or AWS in general).

As far as I can tell, a few exist, but only a few of those seem to be maintained regularly:

As I might be missing some, if you have been using those or other PHP libraries to control EC2, could you please speak up and let us know what library you used and how you liked it?

T3N: "An introduction to cloud infrastructure for developers"

Last month, the German magazine T3N published an article that I wrote in English and which my colleague Torsten translated to German. Here is the original text I wrote before translation.

Working with a cloud infrastructure is not yet a common practice in the development community, and it is even less so for a local, on premises, private cloud infrastructure.  Using a cloud infrastructure service requires to understand a few new paradigms.  Having this infrastructure ready to service your developer's needs is not yet understood, but has much goodness to offer.  This article tries to give a few pointers on how to use it and what to expect from it.

Ubuntu Party aujourd'hui à Toulouse

Je suis invité aujourd'hui à l'Ubuntu Party de Toulouse ou je viens de présenter deux conférences.  Comme à Paris la semaine dernière, le public est très nombreux à avoir répondu à l'appel de Toulibre et Ubuntu-fr, cela fait vraiment plaisir.

Comme promis aux auditeurs de mes présentations, voici les transparents que j'ai utilisés :

The 2009 Ubuntu Server Edition survey is out

The Ubuntu Server Team wants to know how you use Ubuntu Server in day-to-day operations to help the team prioritize the support and development of future Ubuntu Server Editions.  This is the second edition of this initiative which was first introduced in 2008. It has now been extended to include more cloud related questions.

Skills Matter presentation: What is Ubuntu cloud?

Thanks a lot to everyone that came to Skills Matter tonight for my presentation. I have really appreciated the quality of your questions and hope that my answers were satisfying.

More Ubuntu Server Edition statistics

Some people may say that I am a statistics junky... Well that's certainly true! But what do you want, being a product manager for a product that does not require ANY form of user registration, you have a tendancy to cling to any piece of data you may find that shows that you are not working in vain. Indeed, and to the opposite of most, if not all, of our competitors, we have absolutely no way to determine what is our install base.  We don't control our mirors, we don't have any ping back home mechanisms, and we are not considering adding any.  So, here I am, collecting as much information I can from outside sources...

Well, october was not too bad in that sense:

Interview Intelli'N TV

Intelli'N TV m'a posé quelques questions pendant l'OWF.  Je bafouille un peu mais j'essaie de répondre ;)

It is quiet in here?

Dear Blog,

I am really sorry, I've been unfaithful. I have been seing another blog lately. Please don't be mad...

I have accepted to write a monthly blog on WorksWithU.  A couple entries already made:

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