Solutions Linux 2009: Conférences Gestions des Identités

J'ai eu cette année et pour la 3e fois la charge d'organiser avec David Sapiro une demie journée de conférences sur le thème de la gestion des identités. Organisé pendant le salon Solutions Linux et Open Source 2009, c'est jeudi matin que les 3 intervenants que nous avions retenus ont présentés leurs conférences.

Présentations Solutions Linux et Open Source 2009

Le salon Solutions Linux Open Source 2009 s'achève, et ces 3 jours on été d'une intensité inégalée pour moi.

Ubuntu Server Edition: Advanced virtual training available

Canonical just announced the availability of a new course dedicated to Ubuntu Server Edition: Deploying Ubuntu Server in the Enterprise Environment.  We have been working on this course for the past few months and it feels really good to see the course grand opening to the public and I certainly hope that it will meet the success it deserves.

Designed as a course for the experienced Linux admin that would like to learn how to do things the Ubuntu way, it will be delivered primarily as a 5 day instructor led virtual course.   Joining a virtual classroom, the student is able to interact with the instructor over the net. He is provided access to 3 virtual servers on which he can accomplish exercises through ssh and a web site that allows him to access the course material and take quizzes.  This virtual setup takes a short while to get accustomed to but is a great advantage to limit traveling and allows to deliver this class to a broader audience with an efficient schedule.

Détournement: Hadopi en action

Un détournement de Brazil trop drôle pour vous l'épargner. Merci la Quadrature du net :)

update: la vidéo a malheureusement été supprimée de viméo
Hadopi Brazil from La Quadrature Du Net on Vimeo.

Si vous n'avez pas encore contacté votre député, il est encore temps de le faire !

SAMBA Hug Day is tomorrow

The Server Team invites you to join the Ubuntu Bug Day tomorrow that will focus exclusively on SAMBA .  As this is one of the key services on a lot of servers, it is quite important that no bugs pertaining to it be left lingering in Launchpad.  Any help that you will be able to provide us with triaging the open bugs for it would be very welcome.

In order to participate, please have a look at the wiki page.  It provides you with all the information you need as well as a list of new bugs that are currently marked as new for Samba.

Thanks a lot for your help!

La quadrature du net: 5 gus qui spamment dans leur garage

Suite au communiqué de presse du ministère de la Culture taxant l'initiative de la Quadrature du Net , de "5 gus qui envoient des emails à la chaîne aux députés dans leur garage", Olivier Laurelli m'

French Gendarmerie case study @ OSOR

The Open Source Observatory and Repository for European public administrations (OSOR) published a case study on the french police (Gendarmerie) desktop migration to Ubuntu. Under the title "Towards the freedom of the operating system: the French Gendarmerie goes to Ubuntu ", they publish a summary of the project as gathered from a few sources within Gendarmerie and Canonical (hey, that was me!).

From the political and organizational aspects to the techical issues and the lessons learned, I believe that this case study is a must read for anyone considering or planning such a migration. Here are a few parts which I particularly enjoyed:

HP will certify Ubuntu Server Edition on their Proliant

Mark Murphy, Canonical's Alliance Manager, just posted a blog entry that is great news to us in the server team: "HP and Canonical work towards Ubuntu certification on servers ".

Boot a VM from an ISO and redirect the ouptut to the console

Let's imagine that you have a server which is only accessible over ssh and want to install a virtual machine with kvm or qemu on it based on an Ubuntu server ISO or alternate CD. The logical way to perform this install would have normally been to use a VNC connection to perform the installation, but your machine is so far away that the latency renders this option almost unuseable. Here is a way to do this by redirecting the console output to the terminal and bypass the initial graphical boot screen. 

  1.  Mount you iso as a loopack on /mnt

    #mount -o loop hardy-server-i386.iso /mnt

  2. Create a new empty virtual disk image

    #qemu-img create -f qcow2 -c disk.qcow2 2G

Ubuntu Server is mission critical ready says survey results

The result of the Ubuntu Server Survey that the server community, Canonical and Redmonk did a few months back are out! 6819 full answers were turned in, and just that, in itself, is outstanding.  If you are part of those that answered the survey: THANK YOU, the data you helped us collect is great.  If you were not, well, I guess we'll run another survey soon, so you'll be able to redeem yourself Clin d'oeil.  For your information, the survey had more than 40 questions and took from 20 to 40 minutes to answer, so it was a bit of an investment to complete it.

Anyhow, if you would like to see the document that Gerry Carr and I put together about the survey results, it is available behind this short form. There are some great stuff in there, such as the following graph that shows that about 90% of the respondants consider Ubuntu Server Edition ready for mission critical workloads.


90% of the respondants consider Ubuntu Server ready for mission critical workloads
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