Second Ubuntu Server Servey results released

Gerry Carr, Canonical's head of platform marketing, announced today the availability of the results for the second Ubuntu Server Edition Survey. With almost 3000 respondants, this survey allows us to get a feeling of how the server users of Ubuntu are working with our product, and the learnings are always quite interesting. Thanks to everyone whom help me put this survey together and to the one who took the time to answer it.

You may want to read Gerry's blog post about it, or if you have more time, have a look at the results that were published.  If you are an Ubuntu Server Community member and want to have access to the full raw results, just ping me, and I'll mail it to you.

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How many respondants are Canonical support customers?

Two very important questions which I don't think are addressed in the Canonical blog, your blog or in the pdf survey summary that I expect Canonical to have answers for.

  1. What percentage of respondents with Ubuntu Server installs contract with Canonical for support services?
  2. What percentage of respondents with Ubuntu Server anticipate contracting with Canonical for support services in the next 6 months to 1 year?

So does Canonical have the answer to those questions? And if so, are you willing to share those numbers?

Because its exactly those questions which point to the sustainability of Canonical's bu­siness model and the continued availability of Ubuntu Server as a product line.

  • jef

Server Surveys are anonymous

Sorry Jef, but the Server Surveys are anonymous, unless the user directly decides to leave us a contact info, so I have no way to answer that question.

Now, regarding our sustainability, I don't think you have to worry too much. We've been around since 2004 already, and keep on growing, that at least should give you a hint.


Interesting dodge... I'll attempt to clarify the question

I didn't realise that I was asking for information that would require individuals to identify themselves. I'll restate.

I was asking if Canonical asked in the survey for the anonymous respondents to anonymously volunteer if they were currently paying for Canonical services and to also ask about their intention to purchase Canonical services in the future. Did canonical ask anonymous respondents about the current and anticipated uptake of Canonical services?

And no, growing doesn't automatically imply sustainable. Growing an unsustainable system leads to catastrophic collapse. There are multiple real world examples of that happening through history. The fact that you equate growing with sustainable that much more worrying.

  • jef

Questions are public

If you go to [1], which is were the survey was publicly elaborated, you'll see that this was not part of the questions.

Regarding our sustainability, again, that's the only fact with which I can answer you, since I do know you like facts. Otherwise, Canonical is a privately owned company, and you'll have to ask its owner if you want details on its accounting as it is not something I have access to.



Actually some of what I'm

Actually some of what I'm asking is part of the questions!…rTeam/Survey?…

question 11 Which system management software package(s) do you use? Has an entry for landscape. Can you make a public summary of the responses for question 11 available? The PDF broadside you linked to showed only selected summaries but did not include question 11. Or did I miss that? If I did I apologize.

And question 18 says something about interest for commercial support for Ubuntu server. Is there a public summary of responses question 18?

  • jef

Requested graphs

Please find the requested graphs below:

Q11: Which system management software package(s) do you use?

which system management


Q18: Which of this list do you consider important for mission critical deployment? [Commercial technical support]

Commercial technical support


Hope this helps you get better understanding of our model.


Thanks, that's a start.

Thanks, that's a start.

Q11, 106 self-affirmed landscape customers out of ~3000 respondents ~3.5% percent as a baseline for landscape penetration. Let's see if that grows in the next survey. There is a large inconsistency there between the percentage of landscape using respondents the number of respondents that claim that commercial support is important to them in Q18. Figuring out why that is seems like something important to followup.

You could go further and make the entire survey data available. The answers to community support questions (23,24,25) in particular are probably going to be interesting to the irc and forum participants and are something you want to broadcast widely.

  • jef

Community member have full access

Ubuntu Community member, as I said in my post, can just ask for the 150 pages full report PDF to be sent to their mailbox :)


Why not publish it?

Why not publish it?

Feel free to join the Ubuntu community

This is clearly not my decision, but I think it is fair to chose what should and should not be made available publicly, don't you? Feel free to join the Ubuntu community, we're very open to new members and always welcome contributions in any form :)


Do I think its fair that an

Do I think its fair that an organization which self-describes one of its founding tenants as a commitment to transparent community governance to selectively publish survey results. No, not really. And considering how often over the last few months you have personally reached out to publicly published survey content on this blog to bolster your points, I hope you understand how ironic this conversation is.

It's an interesting angle for a join our community salespitch. One question. If I or anyone else in the „community“ make such a request does that come with a non disclosure agreement attached such that the recipient is embargoed from republishing the report?

  • jef

You're getting on the heavy side


I generally find your criticism stimulating, but here you're getting on the heavy side of it. If you think that I am delivering to you a sales pitch, feel free to go elsewhere. Not sure there is any point in replying to you any further, sorry.


Apologizes. Perhaps

Apologizes. Perhaps salespitch was a bit too flippant. Invitation is probably the better word to use. I'll try to restate the point flatly and without any sass.

I find the invitation to join the Ubuntu community for the express purpose of gaining access to private information that I would not be allow to share to be a deeply contradictory situation.

Information I am not free to use and cite publicly is not valuable information to me. I value greatly the ability to cite sources of information to allows others to think for themselves instead of just asking them to trust my interpretation of what a data source means. If its not published, it might as well not exist.

  • jef

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