Open World Forum 2010 - 15 days left for the CFP

After the huge success of the second Open World Forum, the third Forum 2009 will take place on 30 September and 1 October 2010 in Paris. Only 15 days left to apply for the call for conferences.

Deadline: 15 april 2010

Second Ubuntu Server Servey results released

Gerry Carr, Canonical's head of platform marketing, announced today the availability of the results for the second Ubuntu Server Edition Survey. With almost 3000 respondants, this survey allows us to get a feeling of how the server users of Ubuntu are working with our product, and the learnings are always quite interesting.

Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud on Dell PowerEdge C servers

Today Dell has announced their Dell Cloud Partner Program. This announce contained a small part which makes many of my colleagues (and of course myself) really happy.

Intel, Eucalyptus and Canonical join forces to help user build cloud infrastructures confidently

Just a repost of a blog entry originally published on Canonical's Blog.

A few weeks ago myself and Dustin Kirkland had the privilege of travelling to the Intel facility in Hillsboro, Oregon to work with Billy Cox, Rekha Raghu, Paul Guermonprez, Trevor Cooper and Kamal Natesan of Intel and Dan Nurmi and Neil Soman of Eucalyptus Systems and a few others on developing a proof of concept whitepaper on the use of Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud on Intel Xeon processors (Nehalem).

GWOS sees Ubuntu running on business servers

On Monday our partner Groundwork Open Source, whom are selling a monitoring solutions that they recently certified for Ubuntu, published their statistics of the OS on which they see GWOS running on.

Is Ubuntu the largest OS on EC2?

According to the statistics page on the Cloud Market, which claims to be "the most complete catalog of Amazon EC2 images", images using Ubuntu as the base platform have the largest share in their catalog.

PHP libraries for EC2?

Following up on the action I accepted during last week's server meeting, I searched the web a bit for PHP libraries for EC2 (or AWS in general).

As far as I can tell, a few exist, but only a few of those seem to be maintained regularly:

As I might be missing some, if you have been using those or other PHP libraries to control EC2, could you please speak up and let us know what library you used and how you liked it?

T3N: "An introduction to cloud infrastructure for developers"

Last month, the German magazine T3N published an article that I wrote in English and which my colleague Torsten translated to German. Here is the original text I wrote before translation.

Working with a cloud infrastructure is not yet a common practice in the development community, and it is even less so for a local, on premises, private cloud infrastructure.  Using a cloud infrastructure service requires to understand a few new paradigms.  Having this infrastructure ready to service your developer's needs is not yet understood, but has much goodness to offer.  This article tries to give a few pointers on how to use it and what to expect from it.

The 2009 Ubuntu Server Edition survey is out

The Ubuntu Server Team wants to know how you use Ubuntu Server in day-to-day operations to help the team prioritize the support and development of future Ubuntu Server Editions.  This is the second edition of this initiative which was first introduced in 2008. It has now been extended to include more cloud related questions.

Skills Matter presentation: What is Ubuntu cloud?

Thanks a lot to everyone that came to Skills Matter tonight for my presentation. I have really appreciated the quality of your questions and hope that my answers were satisfying.

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