PHP libraries for EC2?

Following up on the action I accepted during last week's server meeting, I searched the web a bit for PHP libraries for EC2 (or AWS in general).

As far as I can tell, a few exist, but only a few of those seem to be maintained regularly:

As I might be missing some, if you have been using those or other PHP libraries to control EC2, could you please speak up and let us know what library you used and how you liked it?

Ubuntu on EC2 (beta)

The Ubuntu team just announced on a couple mailing lists the availability of an official beta for Ubuntu Server images on Amazon Web Services. More info regarding this beta can be found on the Ubuntu web site and registration is open to anyone.

It has been an interesting process to put these images together and I must address big thanks to everyone that participated in this efort, including msm, soren, zul, esh, surfous, sg and certainly a few others that I have forgotten.  It's been a great community effort, thanks!  Well, I guess it is done now, so we just have to wait to see what EC2 users think of this image. I am sure there are things that we can improve (there always is) and am anxiously waiting to see what will be the comments about Ubuntu's first step into the cloud.

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