What about billing in OpenStack? An introduction to Ceilometer

This afternoon at the OpenStack conference in San Diego, Doug Hellmann and I presented the ceilometer project.  Here are the slides that we used.

Thanks to the attendees for joining us.  Very warm feeling to see all the interest in this project.

Ceilometer 0.1 (Folsom) for OpenStack Released!

We are pleased to announce today the release of ceilometer 0.1 (Folsom).  As its version number implies, it is still a project in its infancy, as it has not yet been incubated as an OpenStack project.  It should, however, be ready to be used by the most adventurous ones as it offers a fairly nice coverage of OpenStack, a workable database backend, and a clean and sweet admin API to retrieve metering information from.

Canonical joins the OpenStack community

OpenStack today have made a number of announcements about the Bexar release of their cloud stack and we were delighted to be able to confirm its inclusion in the repositories for Ubuntu 11.04 as well as officially joining the community. We have been engaged with the OpenStack community informally for some time. Some Canonical alumni have been key to driving the the OpenStack initiative over in RackSpace and there has been a very healthy dialogue between the two projects with strong attendance at UDS and at the OpenStack conferences by engineers in both camps.

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