Ubuntu Server is mission critical ready says survey results

The result of the Ubuntu Server Survey that the server community, Canonical and Redmonk did a few months back are out! 6819 full answers were turned in, and just that, in itself, is outstanding.  If you are part of those that answered the survey: THANK YOU, the data you helped us collect is great.  If you were not, well, I guess we'll run another survey soon, so you'll be able to redeem yourself Clin d'oeil.  For your information, the survey had more than 40 questions and took from 20 to 40 minutes to answer, so it was a bit of an investment to complete it.

Anyhow, if you would like to see the document that Gerry Carr and I put together about the survey results, it is available behind this short form. There are some great stuff in there, such as the following graph that shows that about 90% of the respondants consider Ubuntu Server Edition ready for mission critical workloads.


90% of the respondants consider Ubuntu Server ready for mission critical workloads

The survey also showed that KVM usage is quickly picking up, which is great, when you consider that Ubuntu as the first distro to make the choice of giving it full support back with 8.04.  Other data points will greatly help us make choices when considering how should Ubuntu Server evolve and could help you decide to use Ubuntu for your servers too.


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