Computer science is not just a job for me, as I have the luck to make a living from one of my favorite hobby! Right now I am VP of Products at eNovance and a director on the board of the OpenStack Foundation, Upstream University and the Open Cloud Initiative.  I also collaborate on Ceilometer for which I have been the project lead since it's start to it's official integration in OpenStack project.

Until the end of 2012 and during five years, I was Product Manager at Canonical, leading Ubuntu Server then Ubuntu Cloud.

Before that I worked for a couple years at Intel as a technical marketing engineer in the Linux evangelisation team, specialized on Linux on the desktop.

Previously I was working for Novell as one of the engineers in the european Linux architect team, after having been in charge for the french pre-sales teams and a consultant specialized on identity management. Among other things I worked on the acrhitecture of the directories of the DGI (the french IRS). In total, I worked about 7 years at Novell.

3 years at JCA allowed me to learn a lot on managing a company. I have kept some good friends and many great memories. Go see on Christian's page what's up with him, ITK, and paragliding.

Prior to that, and for about 6 years, I worked at ACI, now renamed 4D, where I held various functions from Support, to QA engineer and Product Management Director. From it too, I have kept some good friends, such as Yorick, the designer, Patrick, author of AdslAutoconnect, Bernard, whom together with Christian are the two people whom taught me a bit on how to write intelligible code, or Stf, the nit-picker ;-)...

If you would like my full CV, send me a note...

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