Steady increase of Ubuntu jobs demands and news

Stephen O'Grady (RedMonk) recently published on SlideShare a sample of his report on the "State of Novell".  Of course, I had a twisted look at it with an Ubuntu perspective, and while some of the data was already known to me, a few elements caught my attention.

First of all, the job trend graph from shows that job offers with some sort of Ubuntu skill are steadily growing:
(revision 18/03/11: using an updated graph showing debian as well as suggested by jef in comments)


Second and third graphs measuring mentions of Ubuntu against others in StackOverflow and Hacker News that show the same steady growth which in this case dominates these 2 medias.


Hacker News

Looks good, doesn't it?

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What about Windows?

I would be quite interested in getting the same graphs, but with Windows included. After all, that is what Launchpad bug #1 is about.

Look at the pres

If you look at the presentation I took this graphs from, you'll see that we have still a bit of a way to go :)

How is Debian's trending.

This trend from I think has more material impact.…

I think its always appropriate to put debian into job trending comparisons. What is interesting is that Ubuntu has caught up and surpassed „Debian“ in the job trending in 2010. That is significant and suggests that „Ubuntu“ is being used in what would have been „Debian“ deployments previously. It appears that its not completely a case of a high tide rising all boats. The trending suggests that Interest in „Ubuntu“ jobs are not strictly additive with interest in „Debian“ jobs and some of the interest in „Ubuntu“ comes at the expense of both Suse _and_ Debian.

Pulling marketshare from Suse isn't really a big deal… but pulling marketshare from Debian could have some unforeseen detrimental effects due to the complex relationship with Debian as upstream base for Ubuntu if the drain on interest in Debian jobs impacts contributor manpower availability into the Debian project. I'm not saying such an impact exists at present. I'm saying the ecosystem relationship is complex and you should keep an eye on it and stay ahead of any such impact.

  • jef

Thanks, interesting analysis

Thanks for your insight Jef, very interesting. To ease things a bit, I'll revise the post to use the graph with Debian.

And furthermore... the DEX

And furthermore… the DEX initiative mdzimm announced just this week is well within the scope of keeping ahead of any manpower impact a shift in hiring patterns might cause. If Ubuntu as part of the DEX initiative can channel the gifted labor from the growing Ubuntu-skilled hires back into Debian itself that could definitely offset any reduction in gifted labor available from the Debian skilled hires. If I had a specific metric that I thought you should watch I'd suggest one, but I'm not sure there's an obvious candidate metric that would give insight.

  • jef

During these past eight

During these past eight months, reports are that the job offers have even risen by another 10%. I am sure that if this keeps up, Microsoft very well have to run for its money. The main reason why I feel this is going to happen pretty soon is because of the stability and user demands of Linux as opposed to what will be the case when Microsoft releases their Windows 8 platform next year which I am sure will cost pretty high not to mention initial bug issues. Also i would like to know if Microsoft provides cloud computing services?

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