Présentations Solutions Linux et Open Source 2009

Le salon Solutions Linux Open Source 2009 s'achève, et ces 3 jours on été d'une intensité inégalée pour moi.

Boot a VM from an ISO and redirect the ouptut to the console

Let's imagine that you have a server which is only accessible over ssh and want to install a virtual machine with kvm or qemu on it based on an Ubuntu server ISO or alternate CD. The logical way to perform this install would have normally been to use a VNC connection to perform the installation, but your machine is so far away that the latency renders this option almost unuseable. Here is a way to do this by redirecting the console output to the terminal and bypass the initial graphical boot screen. 

  1.  Mount you iso as a loopack on /mnt

    #mount -o loop hardy-server-i386.iso /mnt

  2. Create a new empty virtual disk image

    #qemu-img create -f qcow2 -c disk.qcow2 2G

Ubuntu Developer Week: an introduction to vmbuilder

The following is the transcript of an Ubuntu Developer Week session that I ran today on irc about vmbuilder (#ubuntu-classroom on freenode).  It was a first for me and was in fact quite fun to do.  If you have a good subject, it's a great way to make it known, so feel free to contact Daniel Holbach to submit your subject for the next edition.

<JontheEchidna> Next up is g VMBuilder to create tests environments -- Søren Hansen and Nicolas Barcet will entertain you with virtual machines and the fantastic vmbuilder. Need a clean test environment for something? Don't want to run the latest development release on actual hardware yet? These two fine men have the answer for you.

OSCON and LinuxWorld 2008 [en]

LinuxWorld 2008 just ended, OSCON was a couple weeks ago, I guess now would be a good time for me to post the presentation I used at these events… Both were great events, and Ubuntu won (again) the best desktop product award and for the first time the best booth one :) Clear that our booth kept quite busy the 3 days. It was hard to find a moment to go eat something!

Anyway, as promised to

Ubuntu Live - Linux World - OOXML [en]

First blog entry in english here, sorry for the french readers, but if you don't speak english, not much point to read this anyway....

It looks likes I'll be spending most of my summer on the US west coast this year, as I have just had confirmation that I'll give about the same conference on virtualization choices offered on Ubuntu in two shows. First one is Ubuntu Live on July 21st in Portland, the second one is Linux World in San Francisco on Aug 4-7th. 

[Update Jun 1] Ubuntu Live has been merged with OSCON and my conference has been moved a few days later...

If you have a good idea on what I should be doing in between the two, feel free to send it my way, as I will certainly use the week between OSCON and Linux World as vacation time.

Oh, I forgot to thank the AFNOR and ISO for its stupid final decision regarding Microsoft's OOXML published today:

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