UEC on Dell Servers is out - What a journey!

So, for those of you whom have put their head in the soil for the last 24 hours, I have big news: UEC on Dell Servers, Standard Edition, is out! The press pick up on our PR has been great, which is in-line with the reports I have got from our attendance at Dell FRS last week.

Anyway, it's been a very interesting project where not only we have learned to work with Dell, but also with each other as this involved quite a few teams within Canonical: Platform, OEM, IS, ISD, Corporate Services, Marketing, Legal.

I'd like to personally thank all the Canonical project team members that contributed in yesterday's release: Dave Walker, Dustin Kirland, Brian Fromme, Carlos de Avilez, Massimo Morana, Sylvain Pineau, Larry Poon, Gerry Carr, Fern Ho, Steve Georges, Neil Messenbird, Neil Levine, Esther Klein, Matt Nuzum, Stuart Metcalf, Henrik Homma, Amanda Brock, Bill Mason, Mark Murphy, Zaid Al Hamami, Brent Fox, Etienne Goyer, Alex Kaluzhny, Daniel Dolinov, Thierry Carrez, Chris Gregan, Marjo Mercado, Mathias Gug, Andrew Sinclair, Billy Cina, Tim Gardner, Andrew Garnder, Sean Sosik-Hamor, Joey Stanford, Elaine Logan, Matt Asay, Tom Ellis, Torsten Spindler, Steve Magoun, Anthony Lenton, Kent Baxley, Yaiza Bailen, Pat McGowan and Chuck Short. I should also include people that worked on this on the Dell Side: Rebecca Brenton, Aurelian Dumitru, Nicholas Wakou, Kevin Van Mondfrans, John Igoe, David Hardy and Brent Douglas to name just a few. Eucalyptus also contributed to this project: Shashi Mysore, Matt Reid, Dan Nurmi and Rich Wolsky. These lists are in no particular order, contributions vary from punctual to very long ones and I am afraid I may have forgotten some, but to all thanks for you hard work, patience, and understanding on this, we could not have put it out without each of you.

In any case, the project is out now, and customer can find all about it from Dell sales persons and our respective web sites (Dell, Ubuntu).

While this is out, there are numerous other subjects that are currently in dicussions with Dell as a follow up to this. It was a first collaboration with them on servers, but certainly not the last!

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That's good to see. A couple

That's good to see. A couple of questions.

  1. Is Canonical working towards a certification process for guest OS loads to be running on UEC? More specifically certification of Windows based workloads.
  2. Do you have a public listing of currently available cloud store images that is accessible from outside of an UEC install? A summary webpage of current offerings or perhaps a white paper about the cloud store?
  • jef

couple answers

Hello Jef,

  1. No certfication program in place at this time, but if you have an OS you'd like to be validated on UEC, I am sure we can work on this.
  2. There is no such listing at the moment, but we are considering working on this.

Hope this helps...


Does Canonical plan...

…to ship UEC and Ubuntu Server on other hardware then Dell, like HP or IBM or Cisco?

Reading that money was involved between C. and D. (thinking about C. paying D. for this gimmick) I have doubts that D. will sell this product as enterprise class software on their servers.

Anyways, I would like to see this happen with IBM, HP and Cisco, too.




Not sure where you got that money was involved. Details on the deals are not public, but I am positive that your assumption is wrong. I would not imagine Dell working on such a solution with us without having in mind to sell it as enterprise class software...

Regarding other vendors, there is of course discussions, but nothing public to be announced right now.


Re: Money?

Hi Nic,

first of all, Congrats to this deal, I think it makes a different and is a clear sign for other hardware vendors, too, to deploy Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu UEC as a standard OS on their machines. Regarding the „Money“, it's a wording from serverwatch: http://www.serverwatch.com/…chnology.htm

Quote: >>The deal with Dell also involves some money, although it's not clear exactly how much.

„Dell receives a share of the UEC Assist contracts it sells; details are not public,“ Barcet said. „Dell does the entire sell, which includes the reselling of UEC Assists contracts.“<<

That sounds like Canonical „sponsors“ money to Dell to sell UEC with their server hardware. It could be, that statement came out of another context.

Regards, \sh

Re: Money?

Hello Stephan,

Whenever someone resells someone else's product, they get a share for their work. Can't see the relationship with sponsoring which, in my mind, sounds as if we were giving money upfront to someone...


Speaking as the

Speaking as the pre-eminent Canonical conspiracy theorist in the world, what you are seeing here in terms of revenue sharing is completely normal. Think of the revenue sharing associated with the support contract dollars around UEC Assist bundled with the overall solution purchasing as a sales commission.

There's nothing in the press-releases or in the press articles that look or smell fishy to me. This looks like a solid business opportunity to me with very little spin.

And pulling my crystal ball out and looking into the future this doesn't have any obvious problems moving forward either for Dell or Canonical (The long term risk here is for Eucalyptus). Canonical is already moving to support OpenStack in future releases and away from lock-in with Amazon and Eucalyptus. And Dell has to love the revenue potential in selling pre-configured cloud solutions instead of just bare metal. It's a great value-add for a server OEM. Take a flexible but complex system and turn it into a pre-built solution that people are willing to pay money for instead of trying to build DIY-style.

The only question is of execution of this revenue generating business opportunity. And its uncharitable to make a prediction about how that will shake out. But I will definitely be poking people in the eye in about 6 months from now to see if I can get some specifics about uptake of this solution.

  • jef

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